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We are Specialized in Heat Exchangers
and Power Transmission Products


Total Engineering Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2005 with a rapidly expanding company by
engineering team who had many years experience in sales, service, engineering and closed relation with
customers in many field of industries. We are primarily a trading, engineering and service company which
are specialized in power transmissions and heat exchangers p p g such as Geared units, Geared motors, Flexible
couplings, Fluid couplings, Universal joints, Steam turbines, and Plate heat exchangers, Plate and Shell heat
exchangers, Spiral heat exchangers, Air cooled heat exchanger to Steel, Pulp and Paper, Cement, Ceramic,
Power plant, Petrochemical, Refinery, Food and Chemical industries, etc. The philosophy of our company is
to supply the best quality, reliability of products, services and solve those customer problems by
engineering to meet the customer requirements.


To be the leader in sale, marketing, service and supply the best quality of Power Transmissions, Heat
Exchangers system and related Industry products.


Service is the most important for us to provide the customers with what they want and when they need it
including after sales service. Our strength is in teamwork where can rely on the professionalism and skills of
our colleagues. We also provided the highly trained engineers service team and established alliance
partnership with several maintenance services shop to provide on site service.


We are firmly committed to provide high quality products with competitive prices and service to meet your
requirements and expectation as follows.
‐ Reliability.
‐ High quality and performance.
‐ Responsibility.
‐ Sales commitment.
‐ On time delivery.

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Total Engineering Products Co., Ltd.
JPN Bldg. 7 floor 21
Prachaniwet 3 Soi 31
Thasai Muang Nonthaburi
Nonthaburi 11000


Email: info@teps.co.th
Phone: +662 952 8200
Fax: +662 952 8205